Strip Club Etiquette
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Strip Club Etiquette

Proper strip club etiquette is not something Mom taught you and it was never covered by Miss Manners. Still, most of this stuff should be obvious to any guy with half a brain, but I’ve heard so many dancers complain about so many customers through the years that I have to be frank. Here are the six basic rules you should always keep in mind.

Rules of Vegas

1) Before you go to a strip club, take a shower, put on clean clothes, and use mouthwash and deodorant. If this doesn’t make sense to you, consider it from the dancer’s perspective. Imagine that it’s your job to walk around a dark crowded room in a g-string, sitting in strangers’ laps and hoping they don’t try to pinch your nipples. Obviously, very few guys would actually have the guts to do what these women do for a living, but just try to imagine that’s your job. Wouldn’t you at least want these strangers to be clean?

2) If you’re sitting on the rail, you should tip each dancer. If you’re too broke to tip a buck, then sit somewhere else so a tipper can take your seat. This is especially true if all the other seats on the rail are occupied. The dancers you’re watching are paying for the right to dance there, hoping you’ll appreciate their efforts enough to tip them. They’re paid nothing by the clubs and earn their living from tips. Get a clue.

3) If a dancer approaches you to offer a lap dance, a private show, or whatever, and you have no intention of taking her up on the offer, always be polite to her. Don’t cut her off when she’s talking. Tell her she’s cute and you’re tempted, but you just want to watch the show. If she persists, just keep saying “Maybe later.” Never be rude. And if you’re broke, tell her you’re broke.

4) Never ask a dancer for her phone number. Never ask a dancer for a date. Never ask her what her real name is. If she wants you to know her real name (highly unlikely), she’ll tell you. If you ask her, she’ll think you’re a jerk. Lots of guys ask dancers for their real names, so they tend to think of lots of guys as jerks. Even if a dancer does tell you her “real” name, it may be just another fake.

The key to what’s going on here is that she’s a performer. You’re the audience. She’s a professional trying to create a fantasy world where you can pretend for the moment that she’s interested in you, she finds you attractive, and you really turn her on. But you don’t turn her on, so don’t kid yourself. And she doesn’t want to fuck you, even though she’s acting like she does. That’s her job. She’s not thinking of you as some guy she wants to get to know. If she asks you what your name is, it’s part of her act.

           When you go into a strip club, you leave the real world behind. This is fantasy land.

When you go into a strip club, you leave the real world behind. This is fantasy land. You’re here to have fun and to take away some visuals and memories, not get involved in a relationship.